14 diciembre 2010

Franco Recchia, ciudades digitales.


Italian artist Franco Recchia delves into the world of technology and the manmade form in his mixed-media sculptures that focus on the urban landscape and related themes. Taking apart old computers, he breathes new life into their component parts by reusing them to build ingenious skylines. Driven by a compelling curiosity to “see what’s inside,” he approaches each subject with that sense of innocent amazement, instinctively following a compositive and rigorous logic until each piece is laid in its correct place. What results are wonderfully distinctive pieces rich in detail, marked by crisp, clean lines and colors that work to delineate the overall composition.

Recchia seeks in his sculptures to bring dignity to the process of modern creation, to highlight how every product produced by human hands contains talent, imagination and great beauty, and ultimately stems from the vast reservoir of human experience of which we are all a part. His sculptures are indeed a testament to what is beautiful, elegant and functional in the modern object, and are a tribute to the aptitude and passion that are our inheritance.


Manhattan 3
Mixed Media Sculpture
18" x 28" x 18.5"
USD 6300

Mixed Media Sculpture
25" x 25" x 19"
USD 5300

Central Park
Mixed Media Sculpture
9" x 10.5" x 9.5"
USD 4600

Mixed Media Sculpture
13" x 27.5" x 21"
USD 5600

Fifth Avenue
Mixed Media Sculpture
9" x 21" x 12"
USD 8100

Mixed Media Sculpture
22" x 32" x 25"
USD 5200

Pechino District
Mixed Media Sculpture
7.5" x 10.5" x 7"
USD 4000

Ciudades ideadas por un caro artista.Solo partes viejas, hardware seguramente inservible unido con imaginación y algo de sudor.No llego sinó me compraba una o dos :S